– “Dark Beer Myths Debunked”

If you are a regular reader of this blog then you may be asking yourself…


The answer is quite simple. This week we are not going to do a beer review. I apologize to anyone who is addicted to them. This week you will not get your fix.

Instead we begin what I hope will be a different direction with this blog. When I started writing for Vas Foremost, I knew where I wanted to take this blog. There have been a couple of posts (“Blind as a Beer” and “5 Easy Ways to Enhance your Craft Beer Experience) that showed just a glimpse of where I wanted to go. Both posts received great feedback and left people wanting more. Since then, I haven’t written anything beyond writing reviews. Hopefully after this post, that will change.

I look to for our first look into educating ourselves about the wonderful world of beer. A couple of days ago they posted an excellent video entitled “Dark Beer Myths Debunked.” In the video Julia Herz, the Craft Beer Program Director for the Brewers Association, took us though three different myths associated with dark beer.

1) All dark beers are rich and heavy
2) Dark beers have more calories
3) All dark beers are higher in alcohol

I highly suggest you check out the video. It is short and will sum everything I would have hoped to say about some common misconceptions regarding dark beer.

Cheers to and Julia Herz!

Check out the video!

YouTube – Dark Beer Myths Debunked


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