Snow…and Bell’s Hopslam 2012


 George here – it seems to be a theme that, as of late, every time I’m writing for you guys, it’s snowing.  That’s ok, though, because it’s Chicago, in January, and that’s what we’re supposed to have.

Anyway, as promised last week, tonight I’m here to talk about Bell’s Hopslam!  Hopslam (6 pack, $18.99) has been it in stock here January 11th, and the 2012 release has been a big hit with everyone I’ve talked to.   Hopslam is the Double-IPA in Bell’s repetoire, and, as a seasonal beer, has been keeping many folks waiting anxiously.  For weeks leading up to the release in January, the web was abuzz with rumor concerning when exactly it would be released.  Rest assured everyone, it is now here!

The beer, as its type implies, is pretty hoppy.  Going along with that is a relatively high alcohol content of 10%.  In spite of (or maybe because of this), it is an easy drink, and is not too bitter to handle.  

Often-times, beers get a big hype and build big expectations which they don’t deliver on.  This is not one of those beers.  I am an admitted Bell’s fan, and Hopslam lives up to what I expect from Bell’s. 

Before I sign off, I’d like to thank all of the folks who have commented to us on the blog.  I encourage all feedback – you can email me at, tweet us: @vasforemost, or give us a call at (773) 278-9420.

Thanks again! See you all next week!


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