Welcome Back…


Welcome back…a resurrection of sorts for this blog is in order. I have been gone way too long, but luckily, you guys haven’t stayed away in my absence, and over the last several months I have had the pleasure of talking with many of you. We’ve had some exciting stuff in stock over the last several months, from Bourbon County Stout to the recent arrival of Hopslam, and it remains abundantly clear that the expanding range of styles and offerings are finding their way out to everyone.

 In that vein, I want to do my part to get the word out about new, exciting beers and other drinks.  We carry a wide variety of wine, bourbon, scotch, rum, vodka, etc. in addition to beer and I don’t want to neglect anything while trying to cover everything!

 So, what’s in store?  Over the next four weeks I am going to cover a variety of topics. What really interests me, and what I really enjoy covering, and things that you enjoy reading/learning about.  I humbly request that readers send in beer/spirit topics for coverage!  You can email me directly at george@vasforemost.com,tweet us: @vasforemost, or give us a call at (773) 278-9420. I look forward to hearing from you, and I am truly glad to be back!







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