Winter in Chicago…


 George here – and I can happily say that, after a prolonged fall here in Chicago, it appears that winter is finally here.  Snow is on the ground, a chill is in the air, and Vas Foremost is here with plenty of good winter beers to help you relax after shoveling out of Chicago’s first major snowfall of the year! 

Earlier this week, after finishing my own shoveling, I lit the fireplace at home, grabbed some beers from the fridge, and fired up the laptop.  After some nuanced study of the subject at hand, some of my picks for great winter beers that we currently have in stock include the following:

Sam Adams Winter Lager (6 pack $8.69, 12 pack $13.99) – One of my personal favorites during the winter, says of this brew: “Quite a complex brew, smooth and rounded palate. Spices are at a perfect level and the hopping of this brew is nearly perfect. This is a nice meaty lager that will help get through the cold months.”

 Bell’s Winter White Ale (6 pack $9.99) – I’ve had my share of winter weather in Michigan, and Bell’s is set to deliver with this great witbier.  Its color is a nice gold, and the taste is perfectly balanced.  A slightly hoppy touch and good carbonation add to the crispness of taste.   

Anderson Valley – Winter Solstice Seasonal Ale (6 pack $9.99) – A nice, smooth Ale with a creamy, caramel flavor and taste. The malts and hops are well balanced for an overall clean taste.


Bridgeport Ebenezer Ale (6 pack $8.99) – A rich, dark beer.  This is very smooth, and lightly carbonated.  For me, this really hits the spot as far as a winter beer goes, with a somewhat fruity, nutty tone, and a warm feel overall.

An honorable mention in this week’s post:  Bell’s Hop Slam (6 pack $18.99) We just got this year’s shipment this past week, and it’s been very popular so far.  I’m including this as a winter beer because it’s released in the winter. I’ll  be covering it in detail next week.

Thanks for checking in! I’ll see everyone here again next week!

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