Spiteful IPA

In an effort to keep things interesting and share the joy of beer with as many people as possible, Vas Foremost will try to get a beer enthusiast to write a review of a beer of choice.

Today, in addition to our resident Beer Reviewer’s beer reviews, we have allowed someone who is passionate about beers to write a review of a local beer, Spiteful IPA, now offered in cans.


Spiteful IPA

This freshly canned IPA pours nicely with a creamy head that lasts throughout the pint.  It is a golden color with an appropriate amount of carbonation.  Highlighting the El Dorado hops used with a tropical citrus aroma on the nose that also come through while you are drinking and then closes out with a hint of grassiness.  It is smooth, creamy, clean and very diggable!  Yet another beer from Spiteful that should be sought out by IPA lovers, and while satisfying your hop cravings also remains crushable for the long haul.


Rob Grum
Twitter: @lyubovorlova

Untappd: rgrum




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